Internal Gradual Bone Lengthening (leg and limb lengthening)

Information on the internal gradual bone lengthening procedure


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Official english site of Dr Musy-French surgeon- operating in Paris, France       

1. What is GBL ?          

  • Gradual Bone Lengthening (GBL) is a  revolutionary procedure that allows bone lengthening of the thighbones. Indeed, it is an internal surgical method, externally invisible, not requiring any drugs or growth hormones.

2. Why should one undergo GBL ?                       

    The two main reasons for bone lengthening:        

  •  The difference of length due to an accident or growth anomalies
  • Small stature : Socially difficult to live with (+6-12 cm) or (3in-6in)

3.Who undergoes GBL ?      

  • Patients must not have physical or mental disorders. Please check the “prior precautions” on the Menu list
  • GBL patients are both of male and female genders highly motivated, disciplined stable professionally eager to gain a few inches.

4. Pictures of patients before/after the GBL      

Before & After for a male subject


Before & After for a female subject

Before & After for a female subject