Internal Gradual Bone Lengthening (leg and limb lengthening)

Information on the internal gradual bone lengthening procedure

Outcome on the Silhouette

Scars and Morphological Appearance:

The scars are derisory (see picture). Even though the change is noticeable.

You must understand that the procedure is not an esthetic one. It is a difficult orthopedic surgery aiming to improve the social status.

Since small stature can be a social handicap:

  • Family and social ( in group photos : ’small one in the first row’)
  • Psychological and social in everyday’s life
  • Sport related ( not everyone can be a jockey)
  • Conjugal: discriminatory in spouse assortment – what is a good looking couple? a height difference of about 3-9 inches
  • Professional : lack of chance in authorial jobs