Internal Gradual Bone Lengthening (leg and limb lengthening)

Information on the internal gradual bone lengthening procedure

The Principle

Sectionned bone with nail

The intervention is plausible after the end of growth (from 15-20 years old on gender):

The procedure of bone lengthening consists of lengthening the thighbones gradually before having it sectioned surgically. It is held with an internal nail located inside the bone, therefore not visible and discreet. (See picture).

The GBL takes place in several steps:

Day 1-8
Beginning of the “clicks” enabling the lengthening: leaning down and walking is possible on crutches.

Day +8
Back home or in convalescence for 15 days.
GBL for about 3 months or more.

Day +21
X-ray check up on the 21st day.

Day 21-30
At that point you should be able to work and carry on a normal life still on crutches (school, office, driving, biking, swimming and walking).
However if your duty is laborious (for example carrying loads and weights) please have an agreement with your employer to get a break for 6 to 12 months depending on the post.

Day +90
GBL should be finished by then. It is noticeable and allows the solidification of the bone for another 3 months where the crutches will no longer be necessary.
These steps take place under the surgeon supervision through out the procedure.