Internal Gradual Bone Lengthening (leg and limb lengthening)

Information on the internal gradual bone lengthening procedure

The Running of the Surgery

The Running of the Procedure

Gradual Bone LengtheningĀ (GBL) is a difficult surgery mastered by only few teams in the world. Indeed, It is a new method replacing the external bone lengthening (see picture) more painful and risky. As for all surgery adual Bone LengtheningĀ has got risks to consider:

  • Lack of bone consolidation
  • Lack of quality in bone consolidation
  • Jamming of the clicks
  • Fracture of the material while removing it (always in 2 steps)
  • Pain and sleeping disorders

Surgical complications:

  • Infections
  • Embolism, torsion
  • Lack of bone structure

Do note that all these problems can be avoided and occur from 3 inches. The incidents can be minimized by :

  • The experience and the quality and the staff
  • The quickness of the intervention done by a well trained team
  • The quality of the patient being healthy and disciplined
  • Following the diet and protocol properly

Indeed, a lot of these problems happen due to a non respect of the GBL guide and the rhythm of the clicks wanting to go fast, too fast.

Do’s before the operation:

Appointment for the running of the stature : It is the first surgical approach x-ray and photographic that evaluates the undergoing of the operation .

If you can undergo the operation :

According to your age, hometown, age, address, and nationality, we will refer you a competent surgical team

If you wan to undergo the operation with our team in Paris, France, a written estimate: The GBL guidebook of about 20 pages (for information and thought) will be given for the surgery and keep through out.


After 15 years of experience, our team in Paris focuses only on the GBL thighbone. We came to the conclusion that incidents occur from 3 inches lengthening.

The GBL of + 3inches provides maximum security (but never at 100 %) in the best span and comfort.

However, if the first +3 inches goes well, you might consider adding another +3 inches. And so, maximum GBL would be (+3 +3 = +6 inches), 4 operations and span 2-3 years.